Food Safety

More information coming soon. In the meantime please explore our food safety products:

BactoCEASE® - Consumers demand labels that they can easily understand and ingredients they can recognize while manufacturers are looking for solutions to keep their products fresh longer. BactoCEASE provides options designed to meet a variety of food safety formulation requirements, including low and no sodium options.

BactoCEASE® NV - BactoCEASE NV is a label friendly food safety ingredient designed to protect meat and poultry products from foodborne pathogens and extend product shelf-life by delaying the growth of spoilage bacteria.

SHIELD® - Antimicrobials are specifically formulated to inhibit mold growth in bakery and tortilla products and also help extend the shelf-life of deli salads. SHIELD® liquid antimicrobial formulas are synergistic blends of active ingredients that control microbes, preventing spoilage and mold growth without affecting your product’s taste.