LYSOFORTE® Benefits Aquaculture

Lower feed cost, higher body weight, better FCR, better development of juveniles mean a more efficient, sustainable and profitable aquaculture. LYSOFORTE can bring all these benefits to your aqua business. An absorption enhancer that improves digestion and absorption of nutrients in aquaculture species. Your flexible tool to increase profitability in your aqua business.

Profitable application of LYSOFORTE in aqua feeds

From scientific research and field trials in different aquaculture species LYSOFORTE has proven to be a flexible tool to improve profitability:

  • Increasing final body weight of shrimps, carp, tilapia juveniles, sea bass and crustaceans
  • Allowing partial replacement of soyabean lecithin, fish oil and soyabean oil in

Feed cost per kg of body weight (BW) gain matters

In recent years, the rising cost, uncertain availability and fluctuating quality of fish meal and fish oil make them of the most expensive macro-ingredients, which are used in high percentages in aqua feeds. Soyabean lecithin is among the most expensive ingredients in aqua feeds and it has been used as the main source of phospholipids in commercial shrimp diets at levels ranging from 10 up to 30 kg per ton of feed.

LYSOFORTE allows reformulating diets doing a partial replacement of fish oil and lecithin without compromising performance thus delivering lower feed cost per kg of BW gain.

Heat stable

LYSOFORTE is heat stable at the temperatures reached in extruded aqua feeds.

Figure 1. Heat stability of LYSOFORTE

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