$1 Gets You More MP Methionine

Review the Bioavailability Data

In vivo techniques, such as the dose-response method, measure the appearance of methionine in the blood of the animals as the result of feeding a rumen protected methionine. This technique is currently the most accurate option as it accounts for animal effects such as the mechanics of ingestion, rumination and rate of passage through the rumen.

MetiPEARL's bioavailability value was verified by a plasma-free methionine does response study. The study validated the published bioavailability values. The results indicate that MetiPEARL has a bioavailability of 30.5%, similar to the 28.5% calculated in a modified three-step in vitro model. This means one pound of MetiPEARL provides at least 129 grams of MP Methionine.

Download "Evaluation of the Bioavailability of USA Lysine® and MetiPEARL™ in Lactating Dairy Cows" to review the bioavailability values of MetiPEARL, as well as the Kemin rumen protected product USA Lysine.

Do the Math and Save Money

When dealing with metabolizable or MP Methionine, it is not possible to substitute products on a pound for pound basis due to differences in product characteristics. Each product provides differing amounts of MP Methionine per pound. The replacement ratios and actual product costs shown below indicate that using MetiPEARL instead of your current protected methionine can save you money. At these costs, replacing 1 ton of the competitor's product with MetiPEARL could save you over $1,000.

  Grams of MP Methionine/lb
of Product
Product Price MP Methionine

Lbs of MetiPEARL
needed to replace 1 lb of noted product

($/lb) ($/lb of product) /
(grams of MP Methionine)
MetiPEARL? 129 -- $3.15 $0.025
Smartamine® M 257 2.00 $7.00 $0.027
Mepron® 198 1.53 $4.90 $0.024
MetaSmart® Dry 100 0.77 $2.77 $0.028
MetaSmart® Liquid 167 1.29 $3.98 $0.023

Smartamine® M and MetaSmart® are registered trademarks of Adisseo France S.A.S.
Mepron® is a registered trademark of Evonik Industries.

If you still have questions and would like more information, visit the MetiPEARL web page or contact Kemin to be put in touch with your local sales representative.