• Only U.S. chromium source permitted for use in cattle by the U.S. FDA
  • Promotes efficient energy utilization


As a feed professional, saving money while maintaining a high level of performance is the goal in today’s market.  Based on over 50 years of proven science, quality and innovation, KemTRACE™ organic trace minerals have a predictable and repeatable mode of action, creating highly bioavailable, safe and patented products. 

KemTRACE Chromium

The Critical Role of Trace Minerals

Trace minerals play a critical role in vital functions, including the activity of enzyme systems, which contribute to overall performance, health, and well-being of animals. Trace minerals are required for digestion and supporting the immune, respiratory and circulation systems.


Mineral Absorption
It is believed that the primary site of mineral absorption is the small intestine, not leaving out the possibility of absorption by other tissues1,2.  Mineral solubility is the first step in the absorption of a mineral.  In this process minerals are reduced into simple molecules. Most salts will form their ionic specie as they dissolve into aqueous solutions.  The rate at which a mineral goes into solution will impact the rate of dissociation. Once the molecule dissociates, it will be in its ionic charge.


Metal propionates become soluble in solution and dissociate under controlled pH conditions. This facilitates metals in their ionic state to be presented to the binding sites of the methallothionine binding protein and become absorbed independently from their organic moiety.


KemTRACE™ brand Organic Trace Minerals
KemTRACE minerals provide feed professionals a combination of the first and only organic chromium source permitted by the U.S. FDA for use in cattle along with the highest concentrated essential organic trace minerals on the market.  KemTRACE minerals allow you to formulate diets at the lowest price/unit of active mineral for optimal livestock health and performance. 


KemTRACE Product Portfolio

KemTRACE Chromium Propionate
KemTRACE Zinc Propionate
KemTRACE Copper
KemTRACE Manganese
KemTRACE Cobalt



1. Moog, F. 1981. The lining of the small intestine. Scientific America, November.
2. Powell, J. J., M. W. Whitehead, S. Lee and R. P. H. Thompson. 1994.  Mechanism of gastrointestinal absorption: dietary mineral and the influence of beverage ingestion. Food chemistry 51:381-388.


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