Beef Safe Solutions

Safe Solutions

Safe animal feed is a prerequisite for safe food. Safe, contaminant-free meat products that meet consumer demands are important goals of TOTAL NUTRITION™.

This means that raw materials and feed must be protected from contamination by molds and mycotoxins, through effective moisture management and the use of appropriate mold inhibitors and toxin binders.

Oxidation of nutrients leads to losses in nutritional value of raw materials and has an adverse impact on the quality and safety of feed. Consumption of oxidized feed and environmental stress will result in oxidative stress in cattle, which is associated with many non-infectious diseases. Kemin antioxidants help to control these ravages of oxidation.

Of course pathogenic bacteria, such as Salmonella, must also be controlled. Kemin offers different feed ingredients to maintain high levels of hygiene in cattle foods, feeds, raw materials and production lines. Customized application equipment guarantees feed production of the highest standards at a minimum cost.

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